It’s nearly time for Nottingham’s 24 hour hackathon, Hack24! We’re very much looking forward to meeting you all on Saturday 18th March at Nottingham Council House for a weekend of fun.

This page should include everything you need to know in advance of the event, so read it through carefully, and please do get in touch if we’ve missed anything or you need any clarification.


There will be a number of staff around throughout the weekend who will be happy to help in any way that you need. They’ll be the people in red Hack24 hoodies and ‘STAFF’ badges.


The Tech Nottingham Slack group is the official chat community for Hack24 - it is filled with chatting Hack24 attendees before, during and after the event.

Head to the Slack channel to discuss the event, the challenges and your plans with the other hackers, the organisers and the sponsors and judges themselves!

All Hack24 ticket holders have received an invite to the Tech Nottingham Slack group so check your email!

Register your Team

Set your team name, teammates and team motto in the Tech Nottingham Slack group by talking to Hackbot in the #hack24-2017 channel on Slack - to register your team check out our guide to Using Hackbot

Looking for teammates?

If you don't have a team yet head to the #hack24-teambuilding channel on the Tech Nottingham Slack group where you can meet other teams and hackers looking for teammates.



Nottingham Council House, Old Market Square, Nottingham, NG1 2DT
Tel: 0115 841 5554

We will provide all hackers with a map of the inside of the venue.

Venue access

Via the main entrance  on Old Market Square during the daytime and evening

Night Access

During the early hours of the morning on Sunday, there will be a security guard on duty who will allow access to and from the building upon being shown a Hack24 lanyard.


Everyone in attendance of the event will be given a Hack24 lanyard. Please wear these at all times during the weekend, you will need them to access and move around the venue.


Wifi network: HACK24 

Password: N0tt1ngh@m2017


There isn’t any parking available at the venue, however there are loads of car parks nearby.

Car parks in the city centre can be found here:

If you were planning to use the Queens Drive Park & Ride, it’s worth noting that it is closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays. The operator of the bus service NCT can be contacted after hours if you need to get your car out. The phone number is 0115 976 6708, however there is a call out charge of £25.


Nottingham Train Station, Carrington Street, Nottingham , NG2 3AQ

You can get a tram from the train station that takes you directly to the Market Square tram stop. Look for trams to Hucknall and Phoenix Park - these will go via the Market Square tram stop.


Weekend Schedule

Registration for hackers opens at 9:00am, we'll be serving breakfast at 9:30. 
Your ticket only guarantees you access if you arrive before 10.30am - so arrive well before then!


  • 9:00 Registration opens - please arrive before 10:30
  • 9:30 Breakfast served in the Dining Room
  • 11:00 Welcome Presentation in the Ballroom
  • 12:00 Hacking begins!
  • 13:30 Lunch buffet served in the Dining Room
  • 19:30 Evening meal served in the Dining Room
  • 19:30 Bar opens - each hacker gets a free drink, courtesy of GitHub!
  • 21:30 Evening entertainment begins


  • 09:00 Morning briefing in the Ballroom
  • 09:30 Breakfast served in the Dining Room
  • 12:00 Hacking ends!
  • 14:00 Hack video submission deadline
  • 14:00 Lunch served in the Dining Room
  • 15:00 Downtime for hackers whilst judging takes place
  • 16:30 Awards Ceremony in the Ballroom
  • 18:00 Afterparty drinks at Pitcher and Piano provided by Cordius


Tea, coffee & water will be available throughout the weekend - you are welcome to bring additional drinks and snacks with you

Afterparty drinks

Sit back, chat, relax and reflect on a hard weekend's hacking.

Sponsored by Cordius - there will be drinks provided for all hackers (up to a bar tab maximum)

From 6pm at Pitcher and Piano, High Pavement, Nottingham, NG1 1HN - just round the corner from the Council House.



The challenges put forward by our sponsors can be found here. Please do not work on your hacks prior to the event. You can think about what you’d like to do and how you might go about it, but no code should be written before 12:00 on Saturday 18th March.

You can enter as many hacks as you want, and one hack can be entered into as many challenges as it meets the criteria for so be creative and maximise your chances.

Sponsor's teams can enter the challenge put forward by the company that they work for - but they can't win that challenge - sorry!

Code of Conduct

We expect all hackers, staff and sponsors to be respectful of other hackers, staff and sponsors and we ask that everyone in attendance abide by the Tech Nottingham code of conduct.


As is customary at these events, there will be swag for attendees, provided by both us and sponsors. We have designed and ordered t-shirts for all hackers - you’ll be the envy of all your friends and family ;)

Personal Property

Whilst we will be restricting access to the Hack24 hackspace, and we will do our upmost to ensure that hackers' personal belongings are kept safe, Hack24 cannot accept responsibility for the safety and security of hackers' personal belongings.

Photography & Videography

We have arranged for a photographer and videographer to be present on both Saturday and Sunday.

  • If you would prefer not to be photographed/filmed, please put a RED STICKER* on BOTH SIDES of your Hack24 lanyard so that everyone can see it
  • If you would prefer to be asked first, please put a YELLOW STICKER* on BOTH SIDES of your Hack24 lanyard
  • If you are happy to be photographed/filmed to your heart’s content, please put a GREEN STICKER* on BOTH SIDES of your Hack24 lanyard

*Stickers will be available when you register and collect your lanyard

Please feel free to take your own pictures/videos and upload them to social media - tag with #Hack24 so we can all see them!

Venue Maps

Council House 1st Floor

Video Submissions

To qualify for any challenge, you must make a video about your hack and post it online, videos should be around three minutes long and no longer than five minutes.

Be sure to include:

  • What’s the problem you’re solving (if any)?
  • How are you solving it?
  • What makes it (and you) awesome?

Interested in why we do video submissions? Check out our blog post

If you prefer to present your idea on stage, we'll have a stage, a projector & screen and a camera set up so you can record a video in the way you feel most comfortable.

The quality of the video is not a consideration in the judging process, however we do get some wonderful videos submitted so Tech Nottingham are putting forward a bonus prize to the team that submits the best video.

How to submit

Post your video on Youtube or Vimeo by 14:00

Post a link to the video on Twitter - include your team name, hashtag #Hack24 and the Twitter account of the Challenge-setter: