How to use Hackbot

Hackbot is who you go to for all things about managing your teams and hacks at Hack24 - simply join the Tech Nottingham Slack group - head to the #Hack24-2017 channel and tell Hackbot what it is you want. 

Here's what you can do:


Find out about your Team

@hackbot tell me about my team

Find out about any Team

@hackbot tell me about team Strangers

Find out about any hacker

@hackbot tell me about @BillSmith

Search for a team name

@hackbot find teams like Str


Create a Team

@hackbot create team Best Team Ever

Add a teammate

@hackbot add @BillSmith to my team

Set your team motto

@hackbot our motto is We are the bestest

Leave your Team

@hackbot leave my team

More Hackbot commands are on the way...

If you'd like to contribute to Hackbot join the #hack24-hackbot-coders channel on the Tech Nottingham Slack group