We are delighted to welcome STKRS as the Hack24 2018 Drinks Sponsor!

Some of the awesome stickers made by STKRS for Tech Nottingham!

STKRS, aka StartupStickers.com, is a small business in a rural market town in North Yorkshire, and as you might imagine, this is not the centre of the tech or startup universe! However because they’ve been involved in the graphics and web industry since the late 90s, they have picked up some great connections, and for several years have been printing stickers for the startup community in the UK and Europe. STKRS has produced stickers for big names such as Revolut, Yammer, Blippar, TED and Rovio, and also for coffee makers, fitness apps, job sites, coaching and IT companies, artists, speakers and of course, local tech events such as Tech Nottingham and Hack24!

All the watermelons...

We were recommended to get in touch with Rick and his team at STKRS way back in 2015 when we were organising the first Hack24 event and we haven't looked back since. They are our go to company for awesome stickers, and are some of the friendliest and talented people we know. 

We are really excited that they're a part of Hack24 this year and they'll be very generously buying drinks for everyone during our Saturday evening entertainment!

The STKRS team likes to think… if you give a sticker away, does a person just throw that sticker in the bin, like they would a leaflet? No way! They are compelled by the laws of nature to peel the backing off and stick it to something. Because everybody loves stickers!

You might have seen stickers we’ve made before, mainly Hack24, TechNotts, Parrots, Octocats, Unicorns and Melons. Because TechNotts and many of the web community around Nottingham have supported us by ordering our lovely stickers, well, we just wanted to buy the drinks as a way of saying thanks.

Hack24, TechNotts and Nottingham in general now have a soft spot in our hearts, and we’re really excited to be part of the event. We’re total newbies at Hack24, so we can’t wait to see what gets built.
— Rick Jesse, MD at Startup Stickers

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