GitHub is sponsoring the Saturday evening entertainment at Hack24 2017!

Hack24 is all about having fun, and on the Saturday evening GitHub is helping us to give our intrepid hackers a break with drinks and evening entertainment.

Community building is at the centre of everything we do and this makes the breaks from the hacking just as important as the competition itself. We're so pleased to have GitHub aboard, sharing in this philosophy and making it happen.

They'll be with us for the whole 24 hours supporting our hackers.

Student Hackers

GitHub will be paying special attention to our student hackers to prepare them for an awesome and productive weekend - more details on this to follow!

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We're thrilled to have GitHub on board for Hack24 2017!

GitHub is proud to support Hack24 as a gathering of curious students, passionate founders and intrepid developers. We’ll be there to support you throughout the whole 24 hours as you learn, build and share. Happy hacking!
— Joe Nash, Program Manager @ GitHub

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