We are delighted to announce that eLife is a Challenge Sponsor at Hack24 2017!

The way that scientific research is shared and evaluated still bears the legacy of a system based around print media.  New technologies in the digital era present a huge opportunity to accelerative discovery and make science collaborative instead of competitive.

eLife is a unique collaboration between the funders and practitioners of research to improve the way important research is selected, presented, and shared by exploiting new technologies.

The online-only open-access eLife journal, for outstanding advances in life sciences and biomedical research, was just the first step in this initiative.  Now, eLife also supports the development of open tools, technologies and processes aimed at improving the discovery, sharing, consumption and evaluation of scientific research.  Explore innovative research communication tools showcased at eLife Labs.

We are hugely excited that eLife are sponsoring Hack24 this year and look forward to hearing more about their fascinating work.

Get in Touch

eLife welcomes questions from Hack24 participants up to and following their challenge announcement. You can get in touch on Slack, via email to innovation@elifesciences.org or via twitter @eLifeInnovation.

We are excited to be a part of Hack24 because it gives us the opportunity to present some of the key challenges we face, at the intersection of academic research and technology, to a crowd of talented individuals who can provide solutions to these challenges. There is real opportunity to transform the way that scientific research is shared, for the benefit of all who perform and consume it.

Breaking down barriers to access and helping people come together to build new tools or ideas collaboratively are values that we share with the Hack24 organisers. We look forward to seeing what the hackers come up with.
— Giuliano Maciocci, Head of Product @ eLife

Connect with eLife

@eLifeInnovation on Twitter / eLife on the Web