Win a Raspberry Pi 3, courtesy of Tech Nottingham, if your Hack24 video submission is our favourite!

You've spent 24 hours hacking, creating, having fun, drinking coffee (other beverages are available), and then we ask you to make a video to present your hack to the judges. Why?!

We asked some hackathon regulars about the pros and cons of making a video to present a hack or standing up and talking in front of the judges, and just under half said they found the idea of having to speak in front of a crowd of people unpleasant, and some said they would worry, and some even said it would put them off attending a hack event altogether. Some hack events are geared towards the idea of being able to pitch to angel investors or launch a startup, but everything we do at Hack24 is about four things:







Hack24 is about getting back to what we all love about building software and making new things, and having fun with our friends and meeting new people in the process. Putting people in a position of where they have to stand and present in front of a large crowd of people just doesn't fit with those aims. So at Hack24, once you've finished hacking at midday on Sunday 20th, you'll have two hours to create a video of your hack that will help the judges with their.... judging. 

For those who prefer to just stand up and present their hack, we will have a GoPro and projector set up to allow them to present their hack in the way they feel comfortable and film it. 

We had some great video submissions last year, here are some of our faves:


This year, as a reward for creating videos of your hacks, Tech Nottingham are putting forward 4 Raspberry Pi 3s for the team that submits its favourite video, judged by Emma and Andrew

Break a leg!