Our fab army of hackers make Hack24 what it is. Our generous sponsors fund Hack24. And behind the scenes, keeping it all ticking over like a well oiled machine, are the Hack24 Volunteers.

This post is dedicated to this year's Hack24 Volunteers (with a special mention for JohnWithBeard and Roger who couldn't make it this year): Adrian, Alastair, Anika, Chris, Dianna, Jack, Jenni, Jonathan, Julie, Karl, Lindsey, Nick, Parminder, Pritpaul and Shaun - we salute you!

Anika Weiss

I’m a Project Manager and Agile Coach at ThoughtWorks, mainly focusing on organisational transformations and enabling managers to support Agile teams. I was attending Tech Nottingham (when it was called GeekUp) regularly several years ago. Having moved around and changed jobs, I have not been involved in the community for a while now. Hack24 is the perfect opportunity for me to engage with the Nottingham tech community and figure out how to get more involved again.

Plus, I really want to see Andrew as a quiz show host* ;)
— Anika Weiss, Volunteer 2016

*This may or may not be happening again. No clues...

I’m volunteering for Hack24 because I’ve spent the past 15 years working in most aspects of web development from designing and coding to project-management and operations – a career which I’ve found interesting, technically challenging and rewarding. I’m looking forward to helping out with an event which encourages others who share a similar interest. Also, it’s being organised by my good friends Emma & Andrew which is reason enough to get involved.
— Chris Smith, Volunteer 2016

Chris Smith

Shaun Hare

Ask me what I want to be doing , after coding at work all week ? Helping out at Hack24, Nottingham’s fantastic 24hr coding and creating event that’s what.

That is what you will hear from me and I dare say many of the other volunteers who have previously and are again volunteering, or are soon to be the new recruits for this year.

As this is my second year volunteering (yes, I can say I have not missed out on a Hack24 volunteering opportunity yet!) I thought I would try to express, in a concise a manner as is possible, why I do that and why I have enjoyed the event and no doubt will enjoy it again this year. Note volunteering is not for the free ticket - everyone gets one of those.

There are plenty of posts about what a hackathon is, and the odd one about what to expect and how to prepare so I will take that as read, but if you haven’t been to a hackathon it may be hard to understand why people get together to work tirelessly through the day and night to create and share for the fun of it; Hack24 epitomises to me why people do.

The tech community in Nottingham has been flourishing and the work that Tech Nottingham (formally known as GeekUp) has put into it has been a pivotal part of the community growth. Many of the people that attend Hack24 do so to get the opportunity to socialise again with the many great people that attend the Nottingham tech events. But even better they get to share their skills, learn new ones and feel part of something that is indeed great. Working together on something with colleagues and friends of old is only a part of it, the event also allows them (due to it’s reach) to meet new people, explore new ideas and mix it up a bit.

Andrew and Emma (the organisers) really encourage this and enthuse all us volunteers to encourage and promote a welcoming environment for all. Volunteers get to be a part of that environment and have as much fun as those participating.

As a volunteer I get to walk around and see all the projects, sometimes diving in and helping out , often learning and when able, understand the awesome that is created when a team of people get together and focus on a task and or challenge. I get an excuse to talk with those I sometimes wouldn’t, and play a part in helping the team out, by ensuring they have what they need, a clean table, directions to dinner or even help seeking other skills. So why wouldn’t I want to spend my spare time doing that? OK, I could just attend the event and get the same out of it but sometimes you have to put in what you take out, and if that means helping others out, I am proud to do that. As I was once informed you become a Hack24 volunteer for life. What better geeky purpose could you have?

I would suggest anyone takes the opportunity when it presents itself to help out, but this year (again) that pleasure is all mine.
— Shaun Hare, Volunteer 2015 & 2016