We are delighted to announce that Packed Pixels is sponsoring Hack24 2016!

Packed Pixels is an innovative new product that allows laptop users to take a multi-monitor setup out on the road with them, keeping users productive wherever they go. The clever mounting system clips quickly and easily to laptops of any size and the Packed Pixels monitors can then be mounted in a variety of orientations to best suit the activity at hand. The Packed Pixels monitors are light and slim but pack a real punch with their large retina resolution. Setup takes seconds meaning even a quick stop in a coffee shop can be productive!

Developed right here in Nottinghamshire by Matt Relf (who you may have previously seen speaking at Tech Nottingham) of Dovetail Technology Ltd, Packed Pixels launched on Kickstarter at the end of 2014, and has since been shipped all over the world to a lot of happy customers.

Packed Pixels will be setting a challenge for attendees of Hack24 which we know will be awesome - more on that soon, along with details of the prize!

And just why have Matt and Packed Pixels decided to sponsor the hottest tech event in town?

Hack24 is a great event highlighting the huge depth of technical talent within Nottinghamshire. It is great to see so many talented people coming together to compete in this supportive and collaborative environment.
— Matt Relf, Packed Pixels

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