Hack24 2015 was a huge success - we took over the Broadway Cinema’s creative space and our teams of hackers built software, assembled hardware, designed artwork - smart things, silly things, the philanthropic and the just plain beautiful. Our hackers worked together through the night and showed us just what they can do.

Demand was high - tickets sold out in 1 minute 11 seconds - and our hackers loved it - 100% of attendees said they would attend the next Hack24 and 100% of attendees would recommend it
to a friend.

Hack24 2016

The Launch video for Hack24 2016

Hack24 2016 is going to be even bigger - Hack24 2015 was an event for the Nottingham tech community, but Hack24 2016 is going to be the hack event for the whole city of Nottingham. This is the Nottingham tech community announcing itself to the city and inviting it to take part.
Hack24 2016 is going to be double the size of the year before. Now officially backed by Nottingham City Council, the competition will be kicked off by Councillor for the city of Nottingham Nick McDonald, making Hack24 the first hack event to have the backing of its city.

For this reason, we’re taking Hack24 to the place that represents Nottingham more than anywhere else - the Nottingham Council House in the very heart of the city.

Nottingham has never seen an event like this before and we want you to be a part of it!

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