At Hack24 our sponsors set challenges and offer prizes for the best hacks that meet their criteria. 

MHR Challenge - How engaged are you?

Our headline sponsor is challenging you to figure out how engaged people are at work.

Head to the MHR Hack24 Challenge page for details.

Accelerate Places Challenge - News?! I'm confused!

In this challenge, it's time to untangle the real story from the fact and the fiction.

Head to the Accelerate Places Hack24 Challenge blog post for full details.


Cronofy Challenge - Let's Rendezvous

In this challenge Cronofy want your help to get people together.

Head to the Cronofy Hack24 Challenge page for full details.

1. Esendex-rectangular-logo-RGB-72dpi (1).png

Esendex Challenge - Connect with Gen Z without inducing zzzzzz...

Start speaking the language of a new generation in Esendex's challenge.

Head to the Esendex Hack24 Challenge page for full details

eLife Challenge - Transform research communication with technology

With this challenge eLife want you to help them communicate cutting edge research and ideas to the world!

Head to the eLife Hack24 Challenge page for full details.

Packed Pixels Challenge - Best Hardware Hack

With this challenge Packed Pixels want to see what you can build - lights, sounds, Arduinos, Raspberry Pis and robotics - any hack that incorporates hardware.

Head to the Packed Pixels Hack24 Challenge page for full details.


UNiDAYS Challenge - Implement a song title

This challenge is something different - using music to spark your creativity.

Head to the UNiDAYS Hack24 Challenge page for full details.