Congratulations to our Hack24 2017 WINNERS!


MHR Challenge - How engaged are you?

"Did you know that 9 out of every 10 employees in Europe are not engaged in their work?   This is your challenge… Build an app that helps engage employees, identifies engagement levels and serves up insight and recommendations on how to improve and maintain it." 

The Winning Team

Kill Jester - Matt Holland, Greg Tudor

Greg Tudor

Greg Tudor

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Accelerate Places Challenge - News?! I'm confused!

"We want our hackers to think about helping people understand the ecosystem of news. How can we help people understand the broader eco-system and make more considered decision about how they consume and understand news? Make it inclusive, be neutral, tell a story and have fun!" 

The Winning Team

TLS - Lewis Foster, Tom Welch, Stephen Nutbrown

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Cronofy Challenge - Let's Rendezvous

"There are loads reasons for people to get together but getting people together is hard work.  For this challenge we want you to identify a situation where people need to rendezvous, and make it easier. Easier to organise, easier to attend, easier to have a great time together." 

The Winning Team

A Little Bit IIFE - Connor Wyatt, James Williams, Lee Tunnicliffe, Edward Januszewski

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Esendex Challenge - Connect with Gen Z without inducing zzzzzz...

"Make way Millennials, Generation Z are coming! Known as ‘the most difficult generation to engage with’, in just a few years, Generation Z will be taking the next step in their life journey.  So here's the challenge. As a business operating in the UK, how do you send a critical message to a Gen Z, know they've got it and reduce the chances of them ignoring it?" 

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The Winning Team

Hey Pesto! - Amy Dickens, Bety Mehide, Saria Digregorio, Alexa Spors

eLife Challenge - Transform research communication with technology

"Cutting-edge research is stuck in the past. Research publication, whilst the ultimate currency for researchers, does not typically enable them to show their workings in full. In addition, the traditional incentives to publish research discoveries offer few rewards for researchers who work collaboratively and transparently.  At Hack24, we will be looking for projects that improve research communication using new technologies." 

The Winning Team

Bad Hombres - Matt Jones, Asaf Paris-Mandoki, Sonali Warriar, Anton Piccardo-Selg

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PackedPixels Challenge - Best Hardware Hack

"We can build incredible things with software but it is pretty pointless without hardware to run it on and to interact with the physical world with. It essential for us to have the skills to define and build custom hardware solutions where required. Our challenge is open to any team building a solution that utilises any aspect of hardware." 

The Winning Team

Hey Pesto! -  Amy Dickens, Bety Mehide, Saria Digregorio, Alexa Spors

UNiDAYS Challenge - Implement a song title

"What do we mean by that? Simple. We’d like you to pick a song title (anything from Agadoo to Ziggy Stardust) and use that as inspiration for a new software application." 

The Winning Team

:fire::frame_with_picture::zap::fist::chart::fish: - Samathy Barratt, Lex Robots, Dexter Prior, Joe Dickens

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Their Hack Video

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Tech Nottingham Bonus Challenge - Best Video

Winning team: Team Big Git - Chris Emerson, William Ellwood, Lewis Wright, Lukasz Bonenberg

Video coming soon! (without the bad swear words)

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Github Bonus Challenge - #MyOctocat Contest

Come up with a new design for Octocat - GitHub's mascot

Winner: James Hodgson



Congrats everyone - See you next year!