Congratulations to our Hack24  2016 WINNERS!

Cronofy Challenge - Call Back To The Future

"We all know APIs are super cool, but they are even cooler when they connect you directly to your users. Your challenge is to incorporate one or more interactions into your hack that involves reacting to a notification from an API." 

Winning team: Transparent Red - Kevin SmithDaniel HartleyLee Blundell

Video of their hack: Click here!

Winners of the Cronofy Mystery Box: Chaos is just a Theory

Blenheim Chalcot Challenge - Who Do You Think You Are : Authorisation Challenge

"Your challenge is to devise a means which will make customers feel comfortable about on-boarding with new technology so that we can improve customer experience, and prevent fraud. These may also include added benefits of fraud prevention or targeted marketing." 

Winning team: Fun Time Exception - Joseph Russell, Will Broderick, Jodi Warren

Video of their hack: Click here!

Esendex Challenge - Make communication (and the world) better!

"Want to build the next Twitter? Finally track down alien life? Or how about an App that speaks to whales? Think as freely as you like. Our prize will go to the best overall improvement to communication between living beings."

Winning team: DeadPlant - Adam Mitchell, Annie Haley, Michael Purdy

Video of their hack: Click here!

Artificial Minds Challenge - Best Hardware Hack

"At Artificial Minds we know all about innovative hardware - that’s why we want to see what kind of hardware innovation can be made in 24 hours."

Winning team: Big Button - Lewis WrightChris EmersonJames Fowkes

Video of their hack: Click here!

MHR Challenge - Visualise Your Organisation

"As organisations engage more with their employees, visualising the shape of the organisation, social connections and job skills is becoming more and more important. Being able to quickly locate people by skill, influence, location and performance rating are all requirements in today’s organisational management. Simply viewing the organisation from the top down is no longer enough, so our challenge to the coders is to come up with innovative ideas for visualising the organisation."

Winning team: Pugs not Drugs - Robert DaviesDave RaymentAndrew JonesMatthew Jones

Video of their hack: Click here!

Packed Pixels Challenge - Make better use of your extra screens!

"We want to see innovative new ways of using extra screen space. Can you revolutionise how to interact with your favourite genre of application or game? Or do you have bigger plans and can see that Windows, Linux and OS X have been getting it wrong all these years and can show us a working concept of how operating systems could use extra monitors?"

Winning team: Superclub - Alex Tully, Stuart Bennett, Chris Rickels, Luke Everington

Video of their hack: Click here!

Pusher Challenge - Get creative with Pusher

"To win the Pusher prize of Sphero Ollies we're looking for the best use of Pusher in a hack project. In particular we really like seeing Pusher used for new ideas and in ways we haven't seen before. We judge a lot of hacks, so be creative!"

Winning team: Big Button - Lewis WrightChris EmersonJames Fowkes

Video of their hack: Click here!

Tech Nottingham Bonus Challenge - Best Video

Winning team: The Superteam - Pete ClarkHelen ClarkGreg Bowler

Video of their hack: Click here!